Posted by: on Oct 24, 2011 | 3 Comments

Another week, another tuneless performance by Frankie ‘ladies man’ Cocozza. Yet Frankie survives to sing another day after it being Sami who got the boot from this weekend’s live performance. 

It is clear that Frankie’s young female fans fail to see his disrespect for the competition with regard to last week’s antics. His pre-performance video exposed his no regard whatsoever for his mentor Gary Barlow after failing to follow his advice and going out on the town two nights in one week, and then sticking his middle finger up at the camera before drunkenly falling into bed at 6am. 

Well Frankie, your attention seeking antics gained you yet another week in the competition so congratulations. It’s Sami we feel sorry for -someone who can actually sing and has worked hard to be in the competition- without showing us her derrière.