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Ok, I know it’s not exactly Micheal Jackson but in TOWIE terms this was pretty big. Me and my brother took my mum to Brentwood, Essex for the day as a treat and by the end of the day we had managed to meet Mick Norcross himself and have a personal guided tour of the Sugar Hut by his lovely PA and sister, Karen.

Episodes of TOWIE do not do the Sugar Hut justice. It is the most beautiful nightclub I have ever seen. Each section of the nightclub is unique and characterised by its fifteenth century history, and traces of Mick’s Thai inspired input can also be spotted. I found it hard to imagine semi drunk club goers in such a spectacular setting- but I guess this proves Sugar Hut’s success- the ability to keep it’s heritage intact whilst modernising the image of Essex that has become so popular today.

Meeting Mick himself was not guaranteed- Karen explained that he of course had a lot on; his son Kirk was in Celebrity Big Brother at the time and filming for TOWIE Season 4 was due to start the following week. When he did emerge we were so surprised- it put the biggest smile on my mum’s face (and perhaps reinforced her view that they should one day be married…), not only because the owner of the Sugar Hut himself was infront of us but because of how down to earth he actually was.

Looking back to my article on TOWIE last year, I again state that these reality TV stars should be celebrated rather than criticised. Mick Norcross is obviously not short of a penny, but his mannerisms, conversation and friendliness ultimately highlighted his role as a hardworking and modest man. We felt completely at ease with him. Both him and Karen made us feel special- spoiling us with a guided personal tour, signed pictures, CDs and a drink in next door’s Mason’s Restaurant.

Thank you so much to Mick Norcross, Sugar Hut and his sister Karen for this fantastic day. My mum was beaming =)