Pro Green Hits Back in Another Twitter Rant

Posted by: on Apr 4, 2013 | No Comments

It all got a little bit heated on Professor Green’s Twitter page yesterday afternoon, after he hit back at a journalist who featured the rappers fury over MIC star Spencer Matthews’ comments regarding his new fiancée Millie Mackintosh.

During an interview with Star Magazine alleged cheat Spencer said of Millie’s involvement with the new series of Made In Chelsea:

“Millie is the show pony. We were very close when we were 16, but some people have really changed since doing the show. I have nothing nice to say about her.”

‘I don’t see the point of Millie being in it. Obviously, she is with Professor Green, who isn’t on the show, so what is being covered?”

Referring to Professor Green’s relationship with Millie, Spencer said in a separate interview to OK! magazine: “Poor bloke, I don’t know how he does it.”

Spiralling the beginning of an angry and rather brutally worded Twitter rant, Pro G began by hurling abuse at a journalist who covered the story saying: “Scumbags, everywhere. people are so f***ing desperate for attention. gossip mags and blogs sicken me. suck a d**k one and all.” How very pleasant.

After displaying his dislike towards journalists by wishing “DEATH TO YOU ALL”, the rapper then directed his attention towards Spencer

“and as for @spencergeorgem – you’re vile, don’t utter a f***ing word about our engagement – it’s none of your f***ing business.”

“not into some silly pompous jumped up c*** yapping off at the mouth for some f***ing exposure. sick of f***ing idiots and their ‘opinions’.”

A man of very few words, Spencer simply replied “@professorgreen Does this mean I’m not invited to the wedding?” to which the ‘Read All About It’ singer tweeted a picture of Spencer walking with a heavily made up blonde stating “not if she’s your +1”

Not sure about you Spencer, but we have a feeling you might be towards the bottom of the guest list for that event. At least it’s given a bit of promotion for the fifth series of MIC which starts next Monday…