Tool Academy: too many excuses and not enough apologies

Posted by: on Nov 13, 2012 | No Comments

10 neglected girlfriends and 10 very undeserving boyfriends are placed in the city of Barcelona hoping that their relationships can be salvaged. Here at Gossipdrip we do wonder how these men were able to have such attractive girlfriends with their awful behaviour.

But love is blind, and from this show you can see that it’s also deaf and dumb. So far we have seen in to the boyfriend’s colourful backgrounds: Luke A, known as ‘Weepy’ tool due to his constant crying, tells us that he’s slept with an average of 30 to 40 girls. His girlfriend seconds later is telling the viewer how they are both each other’s firsts and have never slept with anyone else. Doesn’t sound like they’re communicating as much as they should be…

However, with James aka ‘Neadner’  tool around most of these badly behaving boyfriends seem like angels, as he stated in the first episode of Tool Academy: that he wants to pursue his dreams of ‘dogging and swinging.’ Enough said.

No one can truly know what’s going on behind closed doors; all we know is that we’d never want to be behind a closed door with any of these badly behaving boyfriends.

Girls, would you ever take your badly behaving boyfriend to Tool Academy? Is £25, 000 really worth it? What secrets do you think will be exposed next? Let us know what you think!