Vote Gossipdrip founder Zara Zubeidi for ELLE editor

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Gossipdrip founder Zara Zubeidi has applied for the ELLE internship 2012 competition as editor. If you haven’t heard of this competition (where have you been?!) it’s taking over Twitter (#ELLEintern2012) by storm as young hopefuls across the country fight for the chance to edit the October issue of the world famous magazine. 

Vote for Zara here! All you have to do is press LIKE or TWEET. Many thanks!

Zara tells us what being an editor means to her below.


“I’ve wanted to work with magazines since I was a little girl- from Girl Talk, to Mizz, to Bliss and then on to the women’s glossies that I aspire to work with today. Everyone around me knew that I had a passion for reading and writing; I felt like a modern day Matilda and would read everything I could grab my hands on, writing and making little magazines whenever possible! To get into this industry a love for reading is key- whether it be books, newspapers, magazine articles, leaflets- every text that you read will help you acquire the ability to write in different styles needed to be a journo/writer.


I specifically want to work in editorial; to me, writing isn’t enough. I want to be an editor and be in charge of a fantastic team of writers that will help me put my publication on the shelves. Time management, organization and self discipline is essential- my room is covered in ‘to do’ lists and if somebody isn’t cooperating with me they are not worth my time as far as I am concerned; this industry will only suit those who are 100% committed. 


I created Gossipdrip during a work placement in Spain (I am currently on my compulsory year abroad as part of my English Literature & Spanish degree). It originally started as a project that was to end after 3 months but because of its success I decided to carry it on in my spare time, juggling the work load of running a website alongside my degree. I’ll admit that it has been hard and stressful at times, but at the end of the day I knew that my work would pay off- and Gossipdrip has already functioned as a fantastic platform of my abilities for prospective employers. To ease the work load I now have around 20 young writers contributing to the website on several topics- giving them the opportunity to promote their own writing and be part of a team.


Working for ELLE would function as the key stepping stone in my aspiration to be an editor after university. Working in any other area is not an option, and by becoming a magazine editor, work will quite honestly be a hobby rather than a chore.”