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Written by Olivia McDonnell

I have been a nail biter my whole life. I
always thought nice looking nails weren’t the biggest deal, and that they
didn’t really make a lot of difference to a person’s appearance. However, over
the past three months I have quit the chewing, and now have hands with
beautiful, long nails at the end. I have completely changed my mind on how
important good manicured nails can be in an overall look.

As much as I love my new nails, and long
nails in general, my biggest pet peeve is chipped nail varnish! It totally
destroys the look of nice nails, taking them from classy to trashy in one chip.
I often find that even with a topcoat, it’s impossible to avoid chips for more
than 2-3 days.

On a recent trip to the nail salon I was
introduced to the most incredible nail product out there. I’m sure many of your
nail loving girls are well aware of this varnish revolution, but those who
haven’t heard of or tried Shellac
need to pay attention!

Shellac is a 14-day wear, mirror finish nail miracle by CND. The process takes about 30-45
minutes, and involves a series of layers and UV hardening. Although they say
14-day wear, I have had my recent Shellac
colour on for 3 and half weeks, NO CHIPS. Not only do your nails not chip, but
stay shiny. It literally looks like you’ve got a fresh manicure every morning.
I have received numerous compliments on my beautiful, shiny nails and have been
asked several times if they are false, which they are NOT!

I am so proud of my new found accessories,
and truly believe good nails can change the look of any outfit or style. Treat
your nails to a little love this Christmas, go and get a Shellac manicure!

Check out the CND website for more info on Shellac.