5 Minutes with: Boudoir Lashes Founder Asma Docrat

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Gossipdrip’s Emma May caught up with Boudoir Lashes founder Asma Docrat to talk everything eyes and how to achieve the perfect festive flutter this Christmas…

How did you get into the lash extension and beauty industry?
I’m a qualified beauty therapist, I was looking to provide a niche treatment and this was the perfect treatment I knew I had to master!

Tell us more about your eyelash extension company, Boudoir Lashes…
It’s bespoke, meaning that the lashes are tailored to the clients natural lashes. It’s also about providing a safe treatment. And I don’t just stick to using one brand, I like to mix it up a little!

How do Boudoir Lash extensions work?
The lashes are applied one by one – and the tiny little strands are applied using a fast set glue which holds them in place.

How long can I expect them to last for?
It depends on the amount of lashes applied and what service you choose. For example, a client who has the ‘flutter effect’ should last up to 4weeks. It also depends on how the client cares for them.

Boudoir Lashes has just celebrated its first anniversary, congratulations! What do you enjoy the most about your job?
Making peoples eyes look fabulous! There is nothing more satisfying than when a client says, ‘I love them!’

And what do you find most challenging?
It’s always difficult when a client presents you with a picture and says, ‘I want that look’, but saying I can’t do that because of the type of natural lashes they have is the hardest. I often say we’ll try but I can’t guarantee. Managing clients expectations is the hardest but the most rewarding aspect.

What’s the best way for us ladies to care for our lashes?
With eyelash extensions, you can’t allow any moisture to touch them for 24hrs. Keep the lash line clean by spritzing water on them everyday after 24hrs.

What’s your top tip for applying false strip lashes?
Always measure your lashes first before you apply them, as both eyes are different in shape. Don’t wear heavy ones which weigh down your eyes as they will only make them look smaller. And always remember to test patch the glue incase you’re allergic to it!

Tell us your best beauty secret…
Argan oil, it’s absolutely amazing! I use it everywhere: face, body and hair. Invest in some and you won’t look back.

Name one beauty product you cannot live without…
SPF Luminous Skin Colour by BECCA. Rain or shine, this stuff is great.

What is your advice for anyone looking to get into a career in the beauty and cosmetics industry?

Research and visit spas – it is the best way to see whether it’s for you. Try a short course first, as the work is demanding and it’s always good to set yourself a goal. You won’t know unless you try, and once you try if you don’t like it in years to come, it will avoid the ‘What if I did that?’ The main thing is, don’t live your life in regret, focus on what you want and eventually it will happen!

For Asma’s lash services and for more information, visit: www.boudoirlashes.co.uk or tweet her @BoudoirLashes