5 minutes with: Cherry Healey

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Cherry Healey = amazing
With a series of thoughtful real life BBC Three documentaries under her belt including the topics of pregnancy, alcohol, vanity and money to name but a few, it’s no wonder Cherry arguably can be hailed as a modern day feminist icon.


Cherry is the poster girl for immersive Journalism and manages to tackle interesting, weird and wonderful aspect of life that almost all of us ponder at some point.

Cherry is a full-time mum, wife, presenter and manages to keep up to date with her ridiculously interesting blog, twitter and website- we can’t help but ponder how she does it? In our eyes this lady can do no wrong!

Mention Cherry Healey in a crowd and she immediately kick starts a gossip fest of wardrobe envy, discussions based around her latest documentary topics [especially the one where she rode a man pretending to be a horse…], general fan-girling and agreeing she is the presenter you’d most like to have a cup of tea and a natter with. Well, it was music to our ears when we were lucky enough to catch this busy and brilliant lady for a quick 5-minute catch up…

Cherry, you are the woman who appears to have it all- you are stylish, a great mother, a wife and you still have a great career- how do you juggle it all? Do you feel pressure to try and fulfill all of those roles? Wow I so don’t have it all! Like most women, I find getting the balance right is hard and I often get it wrong. I get help from my daughter’s two grannies and my husband is a wonderful support – but perhaps the person that keeps me afloat day to day is our amazing goddess of childcare. She is calm, flexible with time, fun and forensically tidy – so when I get home at the end of the day I can often just focus on playing with Coco.

You have your lovely baby girl, Coco- are you conscious of the image of ‘woman’ and ‘femininity’ you convey to her? Yes absolutely. I think I’ve changed since having her. I’m so aware of how she absorbs everything like a sponge. How can I expect her to have a happy and healthy attitude to her body if I don’t? It hasn’t happen overnight as old habits are hard to change but I’m really committed. The programmes I’ve made have allowed me to research and consider what the words ‘woman’ and ‘femininity’ mean. Everyday I learn something new and I meet amazing women who open my eyes to how we are restricted by what society tells us we should adhere to. I hope that, at the very least, I’ll be able to have some interesting debates with my daughter when she is older!

cherry healey and daughter coco

You are known for your quirky, natural and laid back style on TV- is your everyday off-screen style the same? Yes! You’ll probably notice that sometimes I look like I’ve made an effort and sometimes I look like I’ve dressed in the dark. That is absolutely how it is off screen! I sometimes get jealous of my husband being able to get dressed in 60 seconds and so will revert to my jeans and t-shirts. But after a few days I get bored and feel like playing dress-up again.

Does your style reflect your personality or do you dress purely for functional reasons? I think most people’s style reflects something of their personality. Mine is always changing – sometimes I want to be a tom-boy, sometimes glam, sometimes hippie, sometimes hip-hop, sometimes grown-up chic, sometimes geek-chic – I’ve always been a pick n mix rather than popcorn girl…

Cherry HealeyCherry Healey...I like her. I want more documentaries to watch. She's also my style iconCherry Healey

At what moment did you feel you had ‘made it’ and achieved the career you had been striving for? I definitely haven’t even grazed that feeling yet.

Twitter trolling is sadly becoming a common theme in today’s society- how do you cope with negative feedback and criticism? I’ve learnt that there is a big difference between a criticism or question about the show’s content and someone who is feeling angry and just venting. If someone ‘vents’ too often then I just block – there are some things I don’t need to be part of. I feel really sad for them that it’s something they are compelled to do- I always wonder what’s going on in their life to cause that.

What would be the ultimate advice you could give to someone trying to forge a career in the media industry? Just give it a go. You won’t know if you love it unless you try it! You can borrow a video camera, play about with it on a basic editing program and put it up on Youtube. A key skill in television is taking the initiative so if you can’t get work experience somewhere then just start something yourself and see what happens.

You can still catch some of her latest How to get a life episodes on BBC I-player and Follow Cherry for some lovely tweets @cherryhealey