5 minutes with: Josie Gibson

Posted by: on Sep 4, 2012 | One Comment

We caught up with our favourite Big Brother winner Josie Gibson as she prepared to present the Teen Queen awards…

Tell us a bit about Miss Teen Queen and how you came to be involved? I got involved because what the girls do for the MAD foundation i think is fantastic. Its really a beauty pageant with a massive difference.

Were you wary about being associated with a beauty pageant style event as they are often thought as competitions that focus heavily on looks and young girls are feeling more pressure than ever to look a certain way? Yes I was but when I got involved I realised its not about that It is infact about building these beautiful Young girls confidence. Al ot of the girls I spoke to said they had very little confidence befor and this has really helped them with Interviews and even career paths.

Do you think we need to change the way we portray and put-down women within the media? I think there is a lot of pressure to look good but its nice to look good you feel better and why would anyone not want to take pride in themselves.

You are often targeted by twitter trolls, how do you cope with the criticism and why do you think this is becoming such a problem nowadays? I think twitter trolls are just sad pathetic individuals that are so unhappy in there own lifves they need to slag off someone else’s. Come on if your happy you wouldn’t take time out of your day to be horrible to someone you have never met would you?

Tell us about your personal style and how it has evolved over the years? – when we think of you in BigB we think boho beach babe! I like all different styles, I’m still a bit of a boho girl but I do like to get all glam for a party or two lol!

What is next for you career wise? I am about to embark on a clothing label, a few business ventures that I am working on, I have to film a few pilots for various channels, I enjoy writing I have been working on an autobiography and comedy writer and property developing. so I am fairly busy.

What advice would you give for any young women looking to make a successful career within the public eye? I would say be yourself don’t change for anyone. enjoy it while it last and remember its not the real world so dont get too wrapped up in it all.

Find out more about the awards, here: www.missteenqueenuk.com