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We chat to up and coming singer/songwriter Kameelion about his album, making it in the business and how he’d be chuffed to have a romance with Cheryl all over the tabloids… This guy got asked audition for a certain popular talent show… got scouted at a young age and has a growing fan base around the world. We were lucky enough to get 5 minutes of his time…


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started out in the music industry?    Well, my real name is Ben – some people genuinely think my name is Kameelion sometimes! I have been referred to as “Kam” but I just prefer Ben if I’m honest. I am 20 years old and I am a singer/songwriter from North Wales. My career started off when I was 17 years of age, when I finished college and started song writing and got touted by one of the top London agents in the business – Albert Samuel of ‘Mission Control’.

Describe your musical style?  My musical style has changed over the years. When I first started writing, it was very orchestral sounding with big strings, and big productions. I also devised a few piano ballads such as ‘When Boys Cry’ and ‘If Only She Knew’. I am now very current, and I have been described in the press as “Pet Shop Boys vs Mr Hudson vs Calvin Harris” and a “slightly better looking Example” which did make me laugh. If you like Ibiza, house/electro music and weekends…. then I should be on your iPod!

How do you feel about the attention that comes with the success of the music- you were linked with Cher Lloyd, does it bother you having your private life discussed?   I suppose it depends on if it’s the truth or not; referring to Cher, it was not the truth. I think it also depends on how ‘personal’ it is, I’d hate for things to be said about my family, whether it was truth or not, and it would possibly be against my power if it appeared in the newspapers, that’s the bad thing about the press.  I think there is a line that the press shouldn’t cross. After all the ‘News Of The World’ controversy, all they seem to care about is ‘who’s sleeping with who’ anyway. I wouldn’t like any of that to be exposed into the public eye, as that is quite personal. Actually, second thoughts, if I were having Cheryl Cole in my bed every night, maybe I’d want it on the main headlines. I’d want every man and his dog knowing about that story….

Your know Jaiden (TV star from Desperate Scousewives) very well: did you ever ponder taking that route instead?   Yes, I did Performing Arts at college and I was entirely focused on acting and musical theatre. I either wanted to be an actor, on TV or on the stage… or in the West End in a big show. I’d never written a song in my life at college, and now I wouldn’t look back. Music is my life and has always been in my blood, I just didn’t realize. I guess it’s always good to have my acting training and background, as it’s another possible avenue to go down in the future. I’ve always fancied a go at TV presenting and I’ve always thought I’d be an interesting character in Big Brother too. Innocent looking, very smiley and friendly – but don’t push me. Once that’s line is crossed, there could be an early “Walk out” from the show… Laters!

Who are your musical inspirations? Performing wise, I’ve always idolized Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury. They are by far the best performers that have ever been. They both had incredible stage presence. But, one thing people forget about the pair of them, they forget how blessed they were with a pen and paper. Lyrically, they have both produced songs that will live on for eternity and are easily, well, the best songs there’s ever been. Billie Jean, The Way You Make Me Feel and Don’t Stop Me Now and Bohemian Rhapsody to name a few.

What can we expect from the album? You can expect weekend “anthems” like ‘All For You’ & ‘Salvation’ which receive great feedback and go down especially well when performed live with my backing dancers. I would certainly recommend the album because a) it’s a bargain and b) It’s FEEL GOOD music, it’s impossible not to dance to on a Friday night after a few Sambucca shots!

What would be your dream venue to play? Easily a sold out 02 Arena would be spine chilling yet extraordinarily exciting feeling, as I would’ve worked towards aiming to be there for so long. I am also an avid Manchester United fan, so a performance at Old Trafford would also be something I would treasure for life.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to make it in music?  Believe, believe and believe! If you believe you’re good enough, then it’ll happen in time. I don’t want to sound like I am suddenly turning in a “Music Industry Guru” or Gary Barlow, because I am only just starting out myself, but it will happen in its own time. I was lucky in having someone see potential at a young age. As a songwriter, I have a strong attraction to original music. I think that is the way forward to succeed, even if you’re an amazing karaoke singer, there’s also millions of those worldwide that are equally as good. What makes you different? If you believe you’re track is strong enough, and people like it, then shout from the rooftops and push it in everyone’s faces (not literally) until someone with the right contacts hears it, and that’s where it can take off big time!

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