5 minutes with: Lucy-Anne Holmes head of NoMorePage3 twitter campaign

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I found lovely Lucy from Brighton via Twitter and I was immediately drawn to her page when I saw her screen name was made up of the loaded phrase, ‘No More Page 3’. I thought this sounds like my kinda gal! But, when I got chatting to her I made the discovery that she has been campaigning less than a month and already has well over a 20,000 signatures as well as a handful of celebrity supporters.

We quizzed Lucy on why she feels this is such a worthy cause and how she got involved. Want to help her take down The Sun newspaper’s outdated tradition? Read her blog post: http://howtostartasexualrevolution.com/2012/08/24/bare-boobs-in-the-paper/ and at the bottom you’ll find the link to her worthy petition- it takes two seconds to sign it!

She’s feisty, focused and inspirational- that ticks all the boxes of what we love about independent and intelligent women here at Gossipdrip!

Here’s what Lucy-Anne Holmes has to say about her campaign against bare breasts in the daily news…

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into campaigning? This is my first ‘campaign’…I don’t have any experience at all of campaigning. I started it because I felt so passionately on the issue that I felt I needed to DO something with all this passion. I was literally waking in the night thinking about it! I set it up. I am Lucy-Anne Holmes, a writer and actress who lives in Brighton. I set it up just over 3 weeks ago. I wrote a blog post about it here, which explains my thinking at the time.

What inspired you to try and make a change? I suppose, Page 3 exists in The Sun, because a group of men, in 1970, in a male managed media, in a male run country decided that they wanted to see the bare boobs of young women in their ‘newspaper’ (they were really very young then, it only became necessary for them to be at least 18 in 2003) This was still an incredibly sexist era. Women had only had the vote for 50 years and weren’t represented in positions of power (we’re still not really – sadly) and these men must have felt entitled to use our (women’s) bodies in this way. This has been going on for 42 years! Are we still that sexist society? I so hope not! Should we still be upholding this decision from that sexist time? NO!!! This male managed media has taken our bodies and in particular our breasts and used them repeatedly for their sexual gratification and for capitalist profit…as a result many men feel ‘don’t take away our boobs’…but they’re not their boobs. How have we got to a point in 2012, where a woman is made to feel hugely uncomfortable for breastfeeding in public while the most widely read newspaper shows pictures of teenage breasts?

Do you think the media image of woman needs to change, and what effect do you think the likes of Page 3 has on attitudes towards women? Yes, I think it needs to start RESPECTING women! How damaging is it for young people to read this ‘family’ newspaper and see men, in clothes, doing stuff, running the country, achieving in sports and then have the largest female image of a young woman standing there, in her pants, doing nothing! That doesn’t represent women, nor does it encourage respect for women’s contribution in society. We have all heard the ‘cor, look at the tits on that’ or ‘I’d like to bang that’ by men looking at these pictures. The word ‘that’ says it all. She becomes a ‘that’. An object. She is dehumanized. And in turn all women are dehumanized. These pictures encourage this behaviour; it makes leaching ‘normal’, ‘simply laddish behaviour’. This dehumanization makes some men feel that they’re entitled to say ‘get your tits out’ or to ogle a woman’s breasts, but dehumanization is hugely DANGEROUS…at the other end of the scale, it makes some men feel the female body is their entitlement, hence, it’s no surprise sexual assault statistics range from 300,000 women a year sexually assaulted and 60,000 raped to 1 in 4 have been sexually assaulted.

Have you had any criticism of your campaign? Oh yes! I’ve had quite a lot of hatred and swearing directed at me. To be honest it’s fueled me in my campaign. Speaking up on this has revealed to me a frightening strand of sexism. It makes me want to speak up more and louder. When someone says ‘fuck off, you’re just jealous cos you’ve got shit tits’ they are proving my point. The main thing people say is ‘if you don’t like it don’t buy it’ but it’s not that simple, these papers are everywhere, laying on settees and kitchen tables, on buses an trains, and objectification affects every woman. As one supporter said, ‘if we were still in times of slavery, I wouldn’t be content to not buy a slave, I would want to stand up and protest, because I believe it to be wrong.’ Or they say ‘who are you to deny these girls a living?’…but I’ve nothing against these beautiful girls doing what they do, I just don’t think it should be in a family ‘newspaper’. Also, page 3 is a brand, I feel quite sure Murdoch will create an All the Page 3s publication, which will be top shelf and employ more models.

Nowadays, many people and sadly a lot of women shy away from the term ‘feminism’ and anything related to its cause – why do you think this is? Surely everybody wants equality… I agree, the male managed media belittled and ridiculed our conversations and protests for real equality. Outrageous really. But equality takes a long time. Women were allowed no rights for 100s of years and men ran the country. It takes generations for that to change, it can’t happen overnight. It took time for women to find their collective voice again after all that time, and time for men to actually learn to listen to that voice.

Do you believe that there needs to be a new wave of feminism? I believe there is a new wave of feminism. We’re discussing it now.

What are you hoping to achieve with your campaign? I would like The Sun to drop Page 3 and apologise to Clare Short. I would like the media and those who advertise in the media to realize that we’re appalled rather than impressed by these images and start treating women with respect. Eventually I’d like young women to grow up, not worrying about what men think of them, but of what they think of themselves. I’d like to see women using their beautiful power and being heard more in the world. If you look at the news it’s men in suits talking and men with guns fighting, I think the boys need our help!

Have you had any high profile support from celebs? Jennifer Saunders, Lauren Laverne, Caitlin Moran, Chris Addison, Deborah Orr, Dawn Porter, Lucy Porter, Josie Long the list is growing all the time…

Follow Lucy and her amazing rise against The Sun @NoMorePage3 to keep updated with her process and to show your support!