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Blazers are very popular for any time of the year, no matter the temperature, season, or occasion. You simply cannot go wrong with wearing a blazer since it can be styled in any way possible, whether professionally for a job interview, or even glam’d up for a night out; the possibilities are endless.


I recently saw a slideshow on Parade.com which talked about Blazers being Hollywood’s New Trend. They showcased a lot of the celebrities who simply looked amazing in their blazers, and it is wonderful to see one piece of clothing being styled so differently. Having said this, we don’t all have the funds to shop like celebrities, but we sure can find some cheaper alternatives at very affordable prices!


Below I have put together blazers that celebrities have been spotted wearing (on the left) and the affordable alternatives (on the right) which are all priced under $40:


Here are 7 Ways to Style a Blazer….On a Budget


 1. “Make a Statement” 
2. “Preppy”
 3. “Bold”  
4. “Colour Blocking”
5. “Button Up”  
6. “Feminine”   
7.”Fitted/Shoulder Pads”
Of course all these celebrities look fabulous- and I know a lot of people are wondering as to who can afford to dress like a celebrity on a daily basis….but the truth is is that you don’t have to have thousands of dollars to rock blazers similar to what the celebrities above are wearing!


As seen in the above (right) pictures, there are a ton of budget-friendly blazers which are all super affordable (under $40).
The affordable blazers are all currently available at Forever 21 a store which always offers fabulous and trendy clothing at affordable prices; if you are interested in viewing other blazers available you can click here to visit their site.


Have you followed this trend? Which way do you style a blazer?


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