A CBB romance?! Mario hits on Sophie Anderton

Posted by: on Aug 28, 2013 | No Comments

Mario Falcone declared his love for model Sophie Anderton in a drunken slur in last night’s Celebrity Big Brother.

As he sat beside the 36-year-old model in the garden, Mario admitted:

Sophie, if you were single, different story, trust me, you’re awesome.’

He also confessed that he had been warned about the model before entering the house, and was told that she would possibly ‘try it on’ with him.

Sophie, clearly amused by Mario’s flirting, replied:

‘Darling, you’re adorable, but there’s an amazing girl out there for you because I’m too old for you.’

Mario continued to tell the brunette beauty that she was beautiful, framing her face and saying:

‘I could look at this all day…’

Ex girlfriend and TOWIE co-star Lucy is yet to comment on the episode, but we’re sure she’s going to be thinking one thing and one thing only: good riddance!