A day in the life of: A Performing Arts student at Italia Conti

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Italia Conti is a reputable Performing Arts Academy based in London.  It was founded in 1911 by actress Italia Conti (Italia Emily Stella Conti, 1873–1946). The Academy promotes multi-skilled training, believing the more opportunities offered to students, the wider the choice of options in the work place.

Not interested in an academic degree? Have a talent for dance or acting? You can complete a BA Hons degree at Italia Conti as well as wide range of training course spanning acting, dance and music.

Kelly Brook, Russell Brand and Pixie Lott have all attended Italia Conti schools.

We were lucky enough to chat to Keely Wells and get an insight into what its like to attend this infamous academy….

A Typical Day at Italia Conti by Keely Wells


I love going to Italia Conti. I love the teachers, the people and the atmosphere! It is an amazing experience and every day I have so much fun and learn so many new things which I know will help me to achieve my ambitions in the future.

A typical day at Italia Conti involves a vigorous, energising and varied timetable of classes in singing, dancing, voice training, acting and many different areas designed to strengthen our abilities in the performing arts. An example of this is the amount of dances that we learn. We learn everything from ballet and jazz to hip-hop, street dancing and ariel acrobatics – the standard is amazing! Furthermore, what makes Italia Conti special is that each pupil has a different timetable which is completely tailored to their own specific talents. These timetables focus on the areas that pupils need to improve in, rather than the areas in which they excel. All this is done to give us a strong, overall set of skills and therefore the best advantage possible when we audition for roles in the future.

Being at Italia Conti gives us all such amazing experiences. We are always busy working towards new shows which we get to perform at great venues such as The Shaw Theatre (London), Westminster in London and G live. However, we don’t just get given the roles. Instead, we have to earn them by acting professionally and auditioning for them just like we will have to when we audition in the industry. This experience has already helped me at auditions. An example of this was when I auditioned for a role in Oliver! A successful audition meant that I was lucky enough to be a member of the cast for 1 and a half years. When I graduate from Italia Conti, my dream is to become a west end leading lady. I know that this requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Consequently, the teachers at Italia Conti not only teach us the techniques and skills that are paramount to achieving this dream, but they also teach us that it is important to be qualified in other areas that will help us during the times when we are auditioning for roles. That’s why I am also studying for my teaching qualifications at Italia Conti.


Four words that I would use to summarise how I feel at the end of an average day at Italia Conti are: satisfied, physically-drained, confident and happy.  To anyone thinking about auditioning for Italia Conti, I could not recommend it more!!! If you want a processional, friendly, hard-working place to train, Italia Conti is THE place to go! For me it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Like the sound of Italia Conti? Get in touch on twitter: @italiacontiAC or via the website: www.italia-conti.com)