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We’ve all heard the much used phrase ‘natural make up’ but US based company SweetPea and Fay have taken that to a whole new level. Founders Katrina and Amanda have created an extensive make up range created entirely from natural ingredients all of which is also vegan, with only their lip products being an exception. Naturally (excuse the pun) I expected the range to be small with an underwhelming selection of colours, how wrong I was! SweetPea and Fay stock a huge range of products for eyes, lips and face all of which are extremely pigmented. The liquid lipsticks are particularly eye catching and maybe something for the adventurous ladies to try if they want to take the Spring/Summer 2012 pastel trend onto their face as well as their outfits. Mint green lips anyone?

As well as being good to your face and the environment your purse strings will also thank you, as everything is very much affordable. Oh, and so will our furry friends as Katrina and Amanda are 100% against animal testing! Finally an excuse to shop? I think so.

SweetPea and Fay is available online at http://www.sweetpeaandfay.com/.