Adele vs. Chris Brown: Most Unlikely Celeb Spat?

Posted by: on Feb 12, 2013 | No Comments

There's no interrupting Adele.

Chris Brown rubbed Adele up the wrong way when he snubbed Frank Ocean as he accepted an award for Best Urban Contemporary Album at The Grammys last night.

Adele could be seen shaking her head at Brown as he refused to join the rest of the audience in a standing ovation for Ocean, in celebration of his first ever Grammy, choosing instead to hold a grudge over the parking-space-gate fiasco and stay firmly seated.

And after Frank’s acceptance speech was finished, Adele walked over to Brown and confronted him over his childish behaviour. And Chris, (who didn’t burst into a chorus of Don’t Judge Me, FYI) seemed a little embarrassed as he tried to grab Adele’s hand and explain himself. Not a lady to be interrupted, Adele simply finished her piece.

Not one to hold grudges (take note Chris) Adele later posed for an awkward a picture with RiRi’s boyfriend. (Yeah, they’re together again…again…again).