Album Review: Delilah ‘From The Roots Up’

Posted by: on Aug 29, 2012 | One Comment

Personally I’d be disappointed if I didn’t see Delilah making waves in 2013; she’s already impressed the ‘King of Cool’- Prince, after he personally selected her to support him during his Australian tour. I had the pleasure of seeing her live myself earlier in the year at Birmingham’s HMV Institute, so hopefully I speak with first-hand knowledge on this lady’s talents as a vocalist and songwriter.

I was originally going to review this album track by track but half way through it became a blur of over expressive positives and if not a little repetitive. Instead I’ve chosen to pick out a Best, Worst (I use this term loosely) and Special Mention Track.


Best Track: So Irate

For me- best track on the album without doubt. She opened her gig at the HMV Institute with So Irate. Watching her belt this out with extreme confidence I was hooked, instantly. With its haunting melodies and frustrated lyrics Delilah speaks directly to anyone who’s ever experienced the frustrations that arise from the bittersweet package deal that love ultimately is.

‘Worst Track’: Shades of Gray

This track has bags of sass and appealing harmonies, it finds itself labelled as ‘Worst Track’, of the album by default. To me the album is almost perfection so this does feel a slightly ruthless categorising. Especially for a track that just didn’t quite grab me with both hands like the rest of the album did.

Special Mention Track: Tabitha, Mummy and Me

A brutally honest track and one of Delilah’s most intimate and open offerings. This song is about the untimely death of her stepfather and it’s a beautiful conclusion to her debut album. It left me thinking of Delilah as a raw and emotional singer, capable of transitioning flawlessly between high tempo tracks and those mellow ballads requiring a little more consideration.


This is a personal overview, if you enjoyed this review, ‘From The Roots Up’, Delilah’s debut album is available now from