An Interview With: ReeRee Rockette

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There’s not much ReeRee Rockette can’t do. Owner of a first class blog, retro hair salon and Wonderful Women, a female business group (did we mention that she sells lipsticks, too?!), ReeRee is the perfect example of how you can land yourself with your dream job.

When did you decide that you wanted more out of life than being a librarian?

My feet had been itchy already, which was what left me to side step from being a primary teacher to becoming a secondary school librarian. I needed a new challenge, something to challenge me again. I opened a new library for the school, which was a great project to head, but soon those toes started twitching again.

It made me sit down and really consider what sort of life I wanted to lead, and whether the world of education was actually my dream job, or just what I had become good at.

How hard was it setting up your own business, Rockalily Cuts?

I can’t imagine anyone would say that starting a new business is easy, but it has always felt right. I haven’t really had any moments of doubt, despite whatever was going on at the time. I have thrown myself at the world of business, and absorbed everything and anything I can get my hands on. Sometimes it can feel scary, but fear isn’t always a negative feeling!

What is it that you love about blogging?

I’ve been blogging for so long now, I can barely remember my life without it! I suppose what I love about it has changed along the way, as the role my blog plays in my life has changed. I love the chance to write, and develop my thoughts. I enjoy how it connects me to other people I wouldn’t meet any other way, as well as the opportunities it has brought me. I doubt that without my blog I’d have quit my career.

How important is it for women to be acknowledged in the entrepreneurial field?

I think it is important for anyone who merits acknowledgment to receive it. I think the loudest business voices are still male, and it was certainly be amazing if this starts to balance out. To be honest, I just wish that more role models were admired because of their thoughts and actions, rather than what they’re wearing and who they’re kissing – both male and female. Aspirations are paved by the people who we see before us, and we need to see more inspiration people.

If you could cut anyone’s hair, who would it be and why?!

Well I don’t cut hair myself, but if I could have anyone visit the salon for a haircut I’d have to try and not just pick the men I find rather handsome! So of course we adore David Beckham’s hair, but we’d also love to get our hands on Kelly Osbourne, Katy Perry, Professor Green and Ed Sheeran.

What’s next for ReeRee Rockette?

I only opened Rockalily Cuts nine months ago, so who knows what the next year will bring! I’ve definitely got massive ambitions, and a big drive to succeed, so I can only hope that things continue in the way they have been going! I would love more salons, I’ve started writing for some magazines, I run a business group for women, and of course my blog, so I have a few fingers in a few pies!

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