Angel Haze Releases Track Hitting Back At Azealia Bank’s Jealousy Claims

Posted by: on Jan 4, 2013 | No Comments

‘212’ star Azealia Banks claims rapper Angel Haze is jealous, sparking a major Twitter row.

New York born Banks sparked a fight with rapper rival Angel Haze, by tweeting her anger at artists who ‘claim’ New York but have not grown up in the city. Despite being a general comment, Angel Haze, from Michigan, hit back at the 212 rapper with angry comments that she later deleted.

Banks said Haze is jealous and asked her followers to send her a print screen of what Haze had written about her, with #YOUGOINGTOJAILNOW – as she claimed: “There was NOTHING in my tweets that even for a SECOND alluded to her.”

Angel Haze, who was recently came third in the BBC Sound of 2013 poll, tweeted to fans that rival Azealia needed airbrushing to look good and slated her deal with record company Interscope. A few minutes later, she put out an apology saying she is not racist towards women with darker skin than hers.

This is not the first time the two artists have fought so publicly, however. Angel – who said in an interview that she “will say to anyone’s face I am the best out there right now” – tweeted that she thought Azealia was ‘nice. I’m not just saying it cause we’re cool. B*tch makes good sh*t,’ but was thrown back an insult by Azealia, who wrote: ‘thanks girl! You know you’re the best right now though! *hides mic behind back*.’

Angel Haze released ‘On The Edge‘ via Sound Cloud later this evening, slating Azealia: “You forever be broke with expensive taste/I bet you won’t leave though/Frog *ss b*tch…I was in the city/Chillin’ with a bum bitch who was on Twitter/Talkin’ like she run sh*t.”

Azealia, who is due to release her debut album ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’ in February, responded to the track: “YOU WANT THE P*SSY SOOOO BADDDDDD,” “@angelhaze all your songs sound like a young money audition… NEXT!,” and then “LOL HOW YOU HAVE MORE TWEETS THAN FOLLOWERS.”

Banks recently said in an interview that she is keen to move away from rap as she thinks it’s ‘tacky’ and ‘unfeminine.’