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Anton Murphy is one of five housemates up for this week’s Big Brother eviction, and as commited viewers of the Channel 5 show we are quite frankly astonished as to how housemates have not nominated him sooner. 

As viewers we are able to judge Anton in a different light (ex- housemates are all too familiar in eventually recognising Anton‘s ‘other diary room persona’) but what shocks us is how his sexist attitude, self conceite and constant references to his own intelligence have only just started to lose him house popularity.

For the majority of Big Brother he has shyed away from attention whilst tactically observing the house situation and relationships. Now that his plotting has finally come out in the open, we place our bets on his eviction this Friday. But we ask ourselves, will the house be as entertaining to watch without Anton‘s meddling? And should his ‘game plan’ be criticised as much as it has been? After all, Big Brother is a game, and ultimately housemates are there to win a prize. Anton either has his head screwed on, or is a twisted, over confident man who will be recieved in an extremely negative light on his exit. You decide.