Are BB Creams Worth The Hype?

Posted by: on Jun 11, 2012 | No Comments

BB creams are the latest craze to grace the beauty industry. But often I get asked the question of  ‘what exactly is it?’ BB stands for ‘Blemish Balm’ and these creams started off being sold mainly in East and South East Asia after a German dermatologist formulated the cream to protect the skin after laser procedures and surgery. It was also introduced to provide light coverage and it has been heavily endorsed by Korean celebrities.

Originally brands such as Skin79, The Face Ship and Missha released BB creams to target the Asian market. However, more recently, brands like Garnier, No7 and Estee Lauder have released their own versions of BB creams and from someone who has tried both the Asian BB creams and the Western BB creams I can safely say that there is a huge difference.

If you take a trip into Boots or Debenhams you will see an array of BB creams aiming to do many great things for skin whilst covering up and blurring any flaws you may have. They are marketed as being great alternatives to foundation as they’re better for the skin- but they don’t necessarily cover up imperfections very well. I’d describe a Western BB cream as a reformulated tinted moisturiser. A product that provides virtually no coverage but is good for the skin. Compare this to the original BB creams from Asia and you’ll see a big difference. These creams provide the same benefits as the Western ones but with one big difference; the coverage that they provide.

True Asian BB creams (like the ones form Skin 79 and Missha) provide customers with coverage that is on par with a foundation that is perhaps not as heavy or cakey. Skin 79’s best selling BB Cream is the Super Plus Triple Function (Hot Pink) and you can see how well it covers here:

If I were to recommend a BB cream to you, I wouldn’t recommend going down to your local high street store but instead, searching the internet for a true, original BB cream. Because after all, what’s the point in spending money on something that your skin care routine does for you already?

What do you think of BB creams? Have you tried either the Asian or the Western world ones?