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How did you come up with the concept of Arthur & Betty?

The name Arthur & Betty came from my grandparents. They were both timeless classic people with integrity and passion. My grandfather used to work in the rag trade and made trousers for high end brands such as Jaeger and Moss Bross. Our brand is all about timeless classic pieces with a modern twist and therefore naming the brand after them seemed perfectly apt.

What makes Arthur & Betty unique to other brands at Essex Fashion Week? Can we compare you to any other clothing lines?

a&b is totally unique and different from all the other brands who showcased at Essex Fashion Week and this is why we took part. We were the only high end day/evening wear brand with a stylish chic feel. Anyone can wear our designs for any occasion where as the other brands appeared to be solely for daytime or evening wear. Our tag line ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ sums us up, wear our outfits to work and then out to play! Although early days we would like to be compared to other high end brands in the market such as Jaeger, Maxmara and Halston Studio.

How does Imogen from BINTM represent Arthur & Betty?

Imogen is a beautiful model who does exactly what our brand says, she ‘Works Hard Plays Hard’ she gives 100 percent on all her jobs and our shoot was no different, but then she knows how to go and have fun too whilst still keeping an air of professionalism about her.

How important is the “work hard, play hard” motto for Arthur & Betty, and what are your views on women in the work industry?

‘Work Hard Play Hard’: this depicts our clientele perfectly, predominantly a working women with class and style. She works hard during the day and plays hard at night. She can wear our clothes with jackets and small accessories for the office then go all out and remove the jacket, let her hair down and ‘glam up’ her accessories to go straight out to ‘play’.

Some would say your prices aren’t affordable in comparison with high street stores. Tell us why Arthur & Betty has opted for high end fashion, and perhaps explain more about the quality of the clothing to us.

You’re right we do charge more than high street brands and that is because we are not high street, we are high end! Our clothes are made of the highest quality fabrics such as chiffons, silks and satins. We have a chosen a stunning fuchsia pink colour to represent our brand and you will find this colour throughout the lining of our pieces. The stunning fuchsia satin lining can be glimpsed in our designs such as slash sleeve dresses and jumpsuits so we can give an understated elegance effect. The idea is people will glimpse the lining and know straight away that the item of clothing is an a&b piece.