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Pets Play a Critical Role in Owners Safety

Domestic roughness is often presented in the context of two people: a wrongdoer and a victim. This, however, leaves out personalities who play an important role in both the safety of victims and the progression of roughness. Why are these Numbers overlooked? Because they are not human; they are pets. As national Domestic roughness Awareness …


Anyone Can Develop a Good Bond with Animals

The ultimate goals of animal welfare-protecting the needy animals and elevating their status in our laws and culture-require greater and broader engagement than defenders and rescue groups can do on their own. But people from all corners of our society can and do make a difference, and they are as diverse in age, environment, and …


USDA’s Data Purge Questioning on Animal Welfare

Compassion and capitalism can coexist as long as legitimate watchdogs work to ensure that the social norms of humanity are respected for those who have no voice. But on February 3, when the USDA’s animal and plant health Inspection service (APHIS) lifted a decades-long commitment to transparency by removing critical inspection reports from its website, …


Analysis of Improvements of Animal Shelter

There are thousands of animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country dedicated to the welfare of endangered dogs and cats. And although every life saved is a victory in itself, it is crucial that our work is measured quantitatively and qualitatively. Our cause is too important not to constantly analyze the data and look …