Autumn/Winter Trends 2012: not quite fifty shades

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Autumn/Winter Trends 2012

 The Lowdown…

It’s that time of year once more where we find ourselves on the brink of a new season, and must bid adieu to the last of our summer days (despite summer’s extremely brief appearance).  Every fashion magazine, newspaper, website and advertisement is reminding us that autumn is fast approaching; glamorous models smile at us from ads running nationwide, enticing us to buy what they are promoting. Of course, the change in seasons will affect how we dress. There is, however, one important question you must ask yourself: do I really need a new wardrobe for a new season? Not necessarily. Times are hard, making it vital for us to develop a more savvy way of shopping. This guide to AW12 aims to break down next season’s trends by giving you an overview of the basics, to which you can add a touch of your personal style.

Not quite fifty shades of Autumn/Winter 2012

Summer was full of fluorescent neons, sweet candy colours and pretty pastels, which we all loved wearing (despite the bad weather).  AW12, in contrast, brings us a touch of the dark side:

  • Monochrome is possibly the greatest colour combination of all time, becoming a timeless favourite of designers all year round due to its unique ability to compliment or contrast various other colours. This year, monochromatic stripes are dominating the catwalks and our high street stores in the forms of blouses, jeans and t-shirts.
  • Gothic shades of black and grey will be huge. Black PU trousers or acid washed jeans would make welcome additions to your wardrobe, and will probably be making another appearance in AW13!
  • Beautiful berry tones are making their way into our stores and our hearts. The rich purples and deep burgundy tones will work nicely with other dark colours, as well as lighter shades.
  • Rich caramel hues and classic tan colours are appearing in trousers, jeans, knitwear and coats. Like monochrome clothing, these colours are great for wearing all year round and can easily be matched with a variety of any other styles and colours.
  • Inject some metal into your style! Metallics are always popular during Autumn/Winter and last into Spring/Summer. Start with incorporating some metallic accessories into your favourite outfits; bags, belts and jewellery will really compliment any other colour in your closet.
  • If the darker shades aren’t quite your cup of tea, opt for the more vibrant colours of AW12. Primary colours, in particular, have been hugely popular this year and will continue to be: cobalt blues, rich reds and daffodil yellows add a fresh burst of colour to every girl’s wardrobe.

Print Power

Printed fabrics have been enormously popular this year and will continue to be next season.

  • AW12 collections feature a variety of floral prints, including a host of vibrant colours and patterns, and of course a selection of distressed, gothic prints. Check out H&M’s fab new AW12 collection which features a multitude of patterns and styles at budget prices.
  • Geometric shapes are taking the fashion world by storm. Geometry has certainly found its way out of the classroom, into a multitude of patterns and fabrics. This type of print can be accentuated further by contrasting it with other vibrant colours. If you aren’t keen on creating such a bold statement, use a single block colour to complete your outfit.
  • Elegant baroque prints have returned this year, bringing a touch of sophisticated glamour to every girl’s style. Baroque prints can be quite heavy, so choose a statement piece, such as printed trousers or a dress, and team it with minimalistic accessories.
  • For the ladies who are a little more daring, look to the designs of Dolce and Gabbana for inspiration-they showcased an amazing collection of opulent baroque clothing earlier this year.

Layers, layers, layers!

Who says you can’t look glam while wearing multiple layers of clothing? Visually, each layer creates a different effect, making your outfit unique to your style.

  • Oversized clothing/accessories are back with a vengeance, so take advantage of layering relaxed sweats, knits and trousers. Much to our relief, casual and comfy styles are holding their ground!
  • There are a mass of great style guides in magazines and on the internet which encourage you to think about how to work certain trends and looks. features a great little video giving you tips and ideas on how to create your own signature style: 

Feminine Tailoring

Earlier this year, Sarah Burton pioneered a new style of feminine tailoring by creating an androgynous pant suit for women which combined the best of both masculine and feminine tailoring.

  • Purchasing a well-tailored pair of trousers or jacket is a wise decision. Such pieces are the foundation of your outfits and can easily be dressed up or down for daytime and evening looks. Make sure the tailored pieces flatter your figure and don’t add any extra fabric where it’s not needed. If you’re unsure whether something fits you well, ask a friend to give you their opinion.
  • AW12 is all about classic tailoring with an added feminine edge.  Peplum jackets and tops, for example, will continue on into the next season and are great for creating that coveted hourglass figure!

Luxe Leather

Move over summer leather, it’s now time to embrace the leather forecast for autumn. Decadent, gothic, glossy leather pieces made their debut in the fashion shows of Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier. Less feminine and more edgy skirts, jackets and tops are now dominating our high street stores, with almost every retailer stocking biker jackets, matte leather trousers and sophisticated leather accessories. 

Image jeanpaulgaultier008copy.jpg

 In a nutshell… 

Adding some key pieces to your collection is the best way forward; try combining next season’s staples with your existing clothing and accessories. This way, you can make the most of what you already have while saving some money. If you fancy some more fashion inspiration check out ASOS’s Guide to A/W 12:

Simran Bhogal