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Finally- an affordable back combing brush that actually works. At £9.05 you have no excuses to have limp or lifeless hair this autumn. 

“Our beautiful new back combing/ hair-up brush is an essential tool for creating the perfect up-do as well as dressing long hair or making huge volume from back combing hair.

Designed by our Creative Director Ben Cosby the brush takes the traditionally very unimaginative plastic hair-up brush and completely revitalises it. Carved from a single piece of beechwood the brush is poised and balanced in a way that is second to none, an extended curved and tapered handle finishes in a beautiful point making it ideal for picking up and sectioning hair. Filled with 3 rows of the finest natural boar bristle mixed with extra nylon for added strength the brush head and handle feature opposite curves to fit the shape of the head and improve weight distribution for nibble work when needed.

A beautiful product wouldn’t be complete without beautiful markings, so we have made this brush available with a choice of three laser engraved illustrations created by illustrator Emma Barratt – your only problem will be choosing which design to go for!

We don’t see this creation as a brush, we see it more as a tool to create beauty with. An indispensible tool for anyone who wants to create fantastic hair.

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”