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 When it comes to clothes we want it all and we want it now.  Our British High Street is full of affordable fast fashion stores that can offer us all the latest looks at bargain prices.

However, have you ever stopped to think where our fast fashion ends up after we become bored of it?  Landfill.  The amount of textile waste that goes on our landfill sites in the UK is enormous.  It’s time that we did something about it and become more responsible fashionistas.  Let’s change the way we think about clothes.

Britain has a fabulous range of high street fashion with endless amounts of choice. So understand that I am not in any way dismissing the fast fashion that fuels our High Streets, I am just questioning the way we buy it.

Vivienne Westwood has been quoted saying, “Buy less, choose well, and also do it yourself”.  Let’s take a leaf out of Vivienne’s book and buy clothes that we love and will want to wear over and over again, using our fashion know- how to update our favourite pieces.

Let’s find our inner creativity. By making a dress or skirt shorter or longer you can change its look completely.  Dying clothes is also a great way of giving a tired piece a new lease of life. You can revamp your old clothes to suit you and the current trends with a simple bit of needlework or some stylish accessoriesSwapping unwanted clothes with friends is also great fun and a way to get a whole new look for minimum carbon foot- print and zero waste.

Being a greener fashion follower will help save the planet as well as making us feel proud about our more creative, eco- friendly outfits.