Beckham is back with sexy new ad for H&M

Posted by: on Feb 7, 2013 | No Comments

Ladies, he’s back, and boy has he given us a delightful treat for being away from us for so long. It was all about VB with her front cover on ELLE magazine to announce her return to the UK and to prove that she’s better than ever, but David has definitely proved that he’s still got it (not that we ever doubted him…)

Today, Mr Beckham released his new advertisement for his new bodywear range by treating us to a short film, which was directed by the talented Guy Ritchie. Courtesy of the clothing store H&M, Beckham has proved that he’s still in great shape by giving nearly two short but sweet, sweet minutes of him running half naked through Beverly Hills.

Having last week signed to play football for French side Paris-Saint Germain, Beckham showed that he’s a man of many talents. The short clip shows him running around in just his pants after his dressing gown gets caught in the car door (what a shame!) as he supposedly sees his children go off to school.

We see him run across tennis courts, kicking a football and leaping over a lawnmower in an attempt to catch up with the car. I think many of us will agree that our favourite part is when he surfaces from a pool dripping in water. We are then given a bigger treat by the closing shot being of him readjusting his pants…and breathe.

Can this man get any better? We’ve further fallen in love with him when he announced that he was giving his earnings from his new football team to a children’s charity. This man seems to do no wrong, and even if he did I have a feeling we wouldn’t have anything bad to say about it!

You are now able to get his new bodywear in H&M stores across the country. And I have a feeling that it’s not just going to be men going out to buy them but also women in a bid to have a little bit of Beckham for the night.

If have yet to see the new campaign then here you are. You’re welcome.