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TOWIE fashion queen Lydia Rose Bright has opened her own shop with sister Georgia selling vintage inspired clothing, quirky gifts (candles, jewellery boxes, cards etc),cupcakes and celebration cakes. The girls have reassured the public that products will be available online within the next 6 months.

Read the following interview with sister Georgia to find out more…

1. If you had to compare your shop to one that already exists what shop would it be?
We wanted to bring something different to the market that was very different and unique and I hope we have both achieved this. We wanted to incorporate both of our love for fashion and our different personalities, inspired by our love for vintage and fashion.

2. What gave you the idea to start a shop with your sister Lydia?
Me and Lydia have always been very close. There is only 13 months difference between us. Lydia is not just my sister but also my best friend and we get on very well. Since Lydia has been a little girl she has always wanted to open a shop and showcase her unique and stylish fashion. Lydia asked me if I wanted to become a half shareholder in the business and I jumped at the chance. I gave my months’ notice at the NHS and jumped on board.

3. Are you nervous going in to business with your sister due to her TOWIE commitments?
We will have our cousin Katie working full time at the shop as well as having our little brother Freddie being our Saturday boy. Starting any new business venture regardless of Lydia being on Towie is going to be hard and frightening for two new people starting up. However we have so much support from all our family and friends that I am sure when Lydia is busy everyone will muck in and help out.

4. Can you reveal the name of the shop yet? If not what has inspired the name?
We wanted to incorporate our Italian background on our mum’s side and have the name “sister” in it. So we opened up the Italian dictionary and played around with words and come up with “Bella Sorella” which means “Beautiful Sister”.

5. What made you decide to stay out of the TOWIE limelight?
Towie is based around the concept of a group of friends living in Essex. Lydia knew a lot of the Towie crew when she started and is friends with a lot of them. Whereas I have a different group of friends. I am more of a private person and like to chuck on a tracksuit and be make-up free. I wish my sister, mum, James and all the Towie cast all the best from the show – but my main focus now is the shop.

6. Will the shop appear in episodes of TOWIE?
Yes it has already been showcased on the first episode of the third series and I am pretty sure it will be more. The shop will be a big part of Lydia’s life therefore this will be reflected on the show.

7. From the products you will be stocking, what is your personal favorite?
I have lots of favorites. All the stock is very different and unique it would be impossible to give you my favorite.

8. Apart from your sister and business partner Lydia, who is your favorite TOWIE cast member?
Debbie my mum and James of course

9. How do you find the stock for your shop?
We went to a lot of trade fairs, through Lydia’s tweets, word of mouth and a lot of hard work.

10. I noticed Lydia tweet for potential stockists to get in touch. What type of stockists are you looking for?
Stockists that can bring a unique style and stand out from the rest. We want our theme of vintage inspired to follow throughout the shop therefore if a stockist can provide that then great you’re on board.

11. Would you like to expand and have more shops?
We both would love too but one step at a time. Me and Lydia both have a lot of ambition and put our all into everything we do. Once Bella Sorella has been established and people like what they see then yeah it would be fantastic to expand. I am only 21 and Lydia being 20. We’re going to make mistakes as we’re fairly new to it all and being young, but making mistakes makes you learn and become stronger.

12. Who will keep ‘Arg’ away from the cupcakes? 
That will be all of our jobs. We will have to keep our eyes on him at all times. I’m pretty sure with my mum screaming at him constantly “James what are you doing?” etc, that will frighten him off enough.

13. This time next year, what would you personally like to have achieved with the business?
We want to get the shop up and running as soon as possible. By next year I hope we have gone online (which we hope to launch in 6 months from now) and we seeing profit as most new businesses hope.

14. Billie and Sam Faiers have opened Minnies Boutique. Are you in competition with them or are your products very different from each others?
No not at all. We support each other and are all friends. When Lydia told Billie and Sam they were very supportive and offered to help us if we needed as Minnies has been very successful and we both appreciated that very much. Our products will be very different and are in different areas of Essex.

If you want to pop down to Bella Sorella in Loughton then the address is:
251 High Road
IG10 1AD