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BBC1 The Voice contestant and Team Jessie J singer Ben Kelly tells us how he feels ahead of this weekend’s ‘battles’ and about his love for bow ties…


Hi Ben! How are you feeling ahead of this weekend’s battles?


The Battles are pre-recorded, so I’m just eager for everyone else to see what I’ve already done. Going into the Battles I was confident, and excited to do another performance really. I got a great song – one of Jessie’s favourites in fact – and it shows a different side of me – something more fun, and colourful!


We absolutely loved your rendition of Elton John’s “Rocket Man”. Who would you say your main influences are in music?


I really like the mainstream pop acts like Madonna and Michael Jackson – their music reaches everyone, and that’s what’s really important to me. But I’ve always been into r’n’b and soul music – from Motown to Prince, and on to people like Alicia Keys. I also like show men like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie…and the cherry on the top is probably my love of musical theatre!


What made you opt for Team Jessie?


It was a close call between Jessie and Will, but I went for Jessie because she’s got a voice that’s most similar to mine stylistically; she’s a great songwriter; and she’s so relevant and current right now, I feel I have a lot to learn from her.


When did it hit you that you were more than just a 21 year old Youtube sensation? Have you enjoyed the public attention since your performance on the show?


I think I realised I’d raised the bar as soon as I recorded my Blind Audition. Receiving that kind of reception, and releasing that those coaches were so impressed with me, made me realise that I’d never just be ‘the YouTube boy’ again.


And finally… how many bow ties do you own and which is your favourite?! 


I have about ten…and I think my black and white one is my favourite – reminds me of my piano keys!




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