Beyoncebowl: Beyonce wows audience of 100 million

Posted by: on Feb 4, 2013 | No Comments

So if like us, you stayed up ’til the ridiculous hours last night to watch the incredible Beyonce strut her stuff with that world class booty at the Super Bowl final in New Orleans, you’d know that boy did she bring it.

Throughout her 13 minute set she wowed us with Crazy in Love, End in Time, Baby Boy, Halo and Single Ladies – and brought all us young women back to our childhood years with the return of Kelly and Michelle in a cheeky little Destiny’s Child reunion.

And other than her incredible voice, the only other thing we could possibly notice is how awesome this woman looks. She is the only woman who can look simultaneously so crazily sexy, yet pretty damn classy. New York designer Rubin Singer created Bey’s dominatrix look, incorporating chantilly lace and python & iguana skin, as well as taking over 200 hours, 5 fittings, and 14 dedicated staff. It definitely pulled off, that’s for sure.

More than 100 million viewers tuned in to watch her kill her half time performance and shut it down – literally! And now we all wake up this morning to the news that the beautiful Queen Bey has announced her world tour entitled Mrs Carter, coming to the UK in April and May this year. Yes that’s right ladies, you heard me correctly. I predict ticket site crashes on February 23rd with everyone trying to get tickets to see the lovely lady in action!

If you slipped off to the land of nod and missed Beyonce in action last night then check her out here. You don’t want to miss out!