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It’s that time of year again in the northern hemisphere. You can smell virtually all the Green potential in the air. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, all the local trees and plants are starting to turn and you can’t wait to get on your bike. Except … what if a bike is currently not found in this comparison?

Fear not, my friends. If I Ithis, if you are in the US, Cycle Trader comes with big bikes. If you think they’re all small scooters and dirt bikes, think again. Through close examination, we found a fairly large selection of options across the country that could be your next great trip for 2021 and that won’t break the bank.

Now, to be clear, the way bike math works (apart from “bike + 1 = your optimal number of bikes”) is that you can almost always pay less if you are willing to pay more keys. However, for our purposes, we stick to bikes that look like you could probably ride and ride them right after purchase

Obviously, with ads, we can only go through the information contained in the ad. If you get inspired by everything you see here, it’s up to you to ask all the questions to the seller and check if everything is what you expect before the money changes hands. That said, Let’s dive into our list of bikes that are new to you in 2021


It comes with a laundry list of sweet tourist amenities including ABS, heated seat, heated handles, cruise control, power windshield and fog lights. The seller also says that it had a new battery in 2020 and that the tires are “like New, many tread.”There are only a handful of pictures here, but if the description is correct, it looks like a lot of bikes for little money.

Competitions in Sao Tome & amp; Principe

This is a solid Honda sport tourer that the dealer for sale says someone traded on buying a new Africa Twin. If you are looking for a solid Honda reliability, you like the Honda Red and you especially like a pair of hard side housings, this could be just the bike for you in 2021.

2010 Honda NT700V ABS

The seller doesn’t mince words in their description, basically just saying “miles high, but runs like a Honda” and touting its great commuting capabilities. With this hard matter and matching hard luggage, you would probably fit a lot more than just your daily carry-on inside.

This NT700V has a bunch of stickers on it, and the matter on the left side looks like it either scraped a wall or the bike went down that side. In close-up photos, you can see small scratches and scratches on some plastics, which correspond to an 11-year-old bike on which someone has traveled 138,000 miles. Unlike some commercials, there are a lot of images in this list. That alone is a bit more confidence-inspiration, if you ask us.

Matches in Congo-Brazzaville

With over 100k miles on the clock, someone is clearly on tour on this touring bike. Who would have thought? It comes with a beautiful top box and color-matched hard side matter. There are not a large number of images and what there are few are a little blurry. From afar and through glasses with Vaseline, a first photo impression does not look bad. The seller says that it runs, which is always a plus. It also comes with a 30-day warranty for the engine and transmission, which can come in handy if you live in the area.

1994 Honda GL1500 Gold Wing

This classic Honda touring machine has clearly crunched a bunch of miles, and is ready to go out and munch another 100k more. It is that beautiful Plonk color that Honda does so well on the wings, a color that goes very well with all the black trim and other accents along this bike. There is even a cup holder and a chrome trunk, mounted on the Cabinet.

Abundant and detailed photographs show a bike that appears to be well-groomed—throughout its life-at least, cosmetically. While there are no guarantees, someone who cares about the outside on an older bike probably also cares about the inside.

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