Britain’s Got Talent: Too Young For TV?

Posted by: on Apr 29, 2012 | No Comments

After last night’s explosion of young raw talent on Britain’s Got Talent and the breakdown of contestant Malakai Paul, the debate regarding the age limit of entrants once more arises.

Nine year old Malakai Paul who beautifully sang Beyonce’s ‘Listen’, burst into tears half way through his performance due to nerves on the stage.

TV talent shows can be ruthless in their evaluations of a contestant’s performance but can children be prepared for this? Children who build up their hope of fame often fall, and have to deal with feelings of both rejection and disappointment.

But if a child really wants to enter, then perhaps it is wrong not to allow it purely from their age.

On a recent interview Alesha Dixon stated that the judges are aware of the vulnerable and frightened young contestants who enter the show and change their behaviour to support them and put them at ease.

If age restrictions were enforced we wouldn’t have been able to indulge in young talents such as Connie Talbot from the first series of BGT and 11 year old Jackie Evancho from the American version of the show.

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