British, bold & beautiful: an interview with BINTM’s Anita Kaushnik

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19-year-old Anita Kaushnik has already made her stamp on this year’s series of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. Unafraid to speak her mind, outrageously endearing and winner of Paris’ photo of the week, this brunette beauty’s catwalk journey appears to have only just begun…

We catch up with Anita…

Hi Anita! We are loving cycle 8 of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. What has been your highlight of the series so far?

Hi! Glad you’re enjoying it! I’d definitely say my highlight has been getting picture of the week for the Paris photo shoot. I try really hard in every shoot and I feel like it was due! It was great to have it on my birthday week as well!

Have you always wanted to be a model?

I’ve always been told by people that I could do modelling, and that I should try, but it was only about a year and half ago that I gave up my job as a beauty therapist and moved to London to pursue a modelling career. Hopefully the move will pay off!

We absolutely loved your makeover. How do you think it affected your ‘look’?

I think the judges thought that I looked very ‘glamour model-esque’ before, and I think they were a bit worried that with that particular look and with my bubbly personality people would misunderstand me and think that I wouldn’t be able to do high fashion. I think the makeover has modernised my look and made me look a lot more high fashion. The inspiration for my makeover was taken from Freja Beha.

What are your views on the size zero model debate? Do you feel that the media are finally looking towards curvier girls for a more realistic approach to fashion?

I don’t think anyone will ever see eye to eye with this debate but my view is that I frankly don’t think body size really matters. I don’t think we should judge people on how they look. I have known friends who have been hurt by size-ist comments (either being too fat or too thin). I really don’t have a problem with models in different ages shapes and sizes… as long as they are relatable. After all, that’s the whole point of selling the product isn’t it?

Who is your style inspiration and why?

To be honest I think it’s difficult to copy someone’s style because everyone is so different! For example I love Kim Kardashian’s style but I wouldn’t be able to wear half the stuff she does because our body shapes are so different!

When it comes to fashion, are you high street or high end?

I think I’d have to say high street! I love the fashion in places like Miss Selfridge, Topshop and Missguided. I think that even when I make it as a successful model you’ll still see me shopping on the high street!

Last year’s winner Jade Thompson has become a role model for many girls across the UK due to her unique image. Does it scare you to think that you could potentially be a role model for young girls across the country?

I think I’m very relatable to a lot of girls my age and younger. I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve and everyone knows what emotion I’m going through at that point in time. I think being like that allows people to get to know the real you even if you’re on TV. I’d really love to think that I’ve become a role model for girls, and I think I’d make a great one!

Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model is on Sky Living every Monday, 9pm.