British Vogue to launch Miss Vogue

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February 2013British Vogue- February 2013 Cover- from

Fashion royatly, British Vogue, have sent exciting shockwaves throughout the fashion world as they launch an entirely new magazine targeted specifically to its younger readers.

“Miss Vogue”, which will hit our shelves on May 6, will be over 120 pages of fashion news and features catered purely towards the younger generation of Vogue lovers.  The new magazine will be created by the same team behind British Vogue and is hoping to provide an inspirational and creative voice for its readers, whilst still maintaining the authority and intelligence of its mother paper. Aimed at the younger generation who “love experimenting with fashion and beauty”, the magazine is already being highly anticipated as readers and fashion insiders worldwide await to see what the fashion marvel has created.

Lucky for us the first edition of “Miss Vogue” will come as a double package with the June issue with no cover price change, meaning we can divulge ourselves into the pages of this beautiful and brand new magazine, practically for free.

For many fashion lovers and admirers, British Vogue acts as the voice of the industry, providing us with interest and authoritative outlooks on the latest fashion news; from designer coverage to trend predictions. It is hoped that this younger magazine will not only provide a voice for the newest generation of Vogue readers, but it will also forge a fresh and exciting platform for inspiration and creativity, allowing them to fall in love with the fashion of their own generation.

So, if you know your Kenzo from your Céline and find yourself swooning over the latest Katranzou and Zoe Jordan collections, then it looks like this magazine could definitely be quite exciting for you.

Editor Alexandra Shulman told  ”All of us are really excited at the opportunity to create a slightly different Vogue for this readership. We know how much that they love the magazine and so I wanted to produce something that would have bespoke content for a younger audience.”

Although British Vogue does have a strict policy on featuring under 16s in the magazine, it has not yet been announced as to whether Miss Vogue will following in its footsteps. All will be revealed!