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Britian’s love hate relationship with Cher Lloyd is about to intensify. After gaining her first number one with debut single ‘Swagger Jagger’, Cher Lloyd is set to return with ‘With Your Love’, a collaboration with American ‘Cooler Than Me’ star Mike Posner.

With Your Love’ is a step away from ‘Swagger Jagger”s cheeky and colourful image and focuses more on Cher‘s sensitive side, that we saw last year in her X Factor rendition of  ‘Stay With Me’. With lyrics such as ‘I feel like I’m on top of the world with your love’, Cher is sure to win over some new fans that previously viewed ‘Swagger Jagger’ as something just for the kids.

What is certain is that Cher‘s second single will be just as popular as her first. In the unlikely case of it not reaching a position in the the top 5 UK single’s chart, Cher Lloyd still has every right to remain ‘on top of the world‘; she has, after all, proved all her ‘haters’ wrong by achieving her dream of becoming a UK star and fashion icon.

WATCH ‘With Your Love’ HERE!