Cheryl Cole: hero to zero

Posted by: on Sep 3, 2011 | No Comments

This time last year, Cheryl Cole had it all- a promising solo career, a wardrobe to rival any top US fashionista and an undoubted influential role in Britain’s X Factor. Why then, only twelve months later, has our supposed ‘flower of Britain’ fallen into her very own honey pot?

Spurred on by her UK success as both pop artist and talent show judge, Cheryl quickly decided to fulfil her aspirations of becoming a worldwide superstar by moving to the US. With a L’Oreal contract, several chart topping records and a somewhat regretful and unfaithful ex-husband back in England, footballer Ashley ColeCheryl appeared to be at her peak.

But one look at the American transformed popstar clearly highlighted a flaw in her plan. Having lost all her ‘Cheryl Cole-ness’ through her ‘quirky’ US inspired outfit (and most probably hidden in her overly backcombed hairdo), our British star had somewhat vanished. Her only moment of resistance against the US model, being her apparent reluctance to soften her Newcastle accent, was then undermined by her sudden dismissal as a US X Factor judge and further diva like behaviour in refusing to return to the UK version of the show. It seemed the stereotypical American popstar image had overtaken Cheryl– both physically and mentally.

As if Cheryl hadn’t damaged her reputation enough as a British icon, through her past determination to grow from the brunette and humble Geordie to every girl’s idol, reports of her and ex-husband Ashley’s rekindled relationship were emerging. Cheryl Cole, the strong, independent and successful woman had taken back her cheating ex-husband, confirming not only her vulnerability and weaknesses, but the end to her role as the ‘flower of Britain’.

With regards to Cheryl’s future, only time will tell, but with rumours of other successful female artists such as Rihanna returning to her violent ex-partner Chris Brown, the future of the female music artist in the media is not looking too hopeful. Cheryl might need her parachute after all.