Cheryl Cole reveals 15 hour tattoo

Posted by: on Feb 23, 2013 | No Comments

Geordie pop princess, Cheryl Cole, revealed her latest body art during the Girls Aloud Homecoming Tour in Newcastle on Thursday night.

The red rose design by California-based artist, Nikko Hurtado, bought Cheryl 15 painful hours in the tattoo chair, and covers the majority of the singer’s lower-back.

Covering up a previous butterfly design that she had done in 2011, the latest addition to Cheryl’s tattoo collection has received mixed reviews amongst her fans.

Cheryl claims that she had the tattoo done five months ago, but is somewhere that people do not see often. While Miss Cole insists that the tattoo doesn’t mean anything and she simply liked the design, we can’t help but think it has something to do with dancer and boyfriend, Tre Holloway.

What do you think of her latest addition?