Cheryl Cole speaks out about her brief friendship with Victoria Beckham

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‘You know what? I’m happy to be thin. I’m in to fashion and I like being able to wear whatever I like. It’s my business, and if other people don’t like it, that’s their business.’- this was the response that Cheryl Cole got when she asked Victoria Beckham about her weight. 

They have both achieved major success in girl bands, but Cheryl Cole has revealed that that she and Victoria Beckham bonded over having footballers as significant others during the 2006 World Cup. Back then Cheryl was happily engaged to Ashley Cole with no idea about his future infidelities. Victoria, on the other hand, was married to David Beckham with three boys at the time.

Fond memories: Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole, pictured in Baden Baden, Germany in 2006, had a brief friendship

Cheryl and Victoria in Germany for the 2006 World Cup

Cole confessed in her autobiography ‘Cheryl: My Story’, that whilst staying in the same hotel and sharing barbecues with Victoria, she declared that she had desensitized to the media’s harsh critiques about her weight. Mrs Beckham also went onto to insist that she was happy with her skinny frame. Cole also revealed odd quirks about Victoria, such as raising her handbag over her famous pout whenever she laughed.

Their relationship in the following years faded out, with Cole stating to Vogue magazine in 2009 that she was shocked Victoria didn’t reach out to her following Ashley’s disloyalty. Soon after she also dismissed Victoria’s clothing line for being ‘too old’.

Watching the match together

However, Cole is adamant that there were no nasty innuendo to her clothing line critique.