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We think we’ve had enough time to deliberate on our new X Factor judge, Tulisa Contostavlos, and we have come to conclusion that she is X Factor worthy. But how does she compare  to our nation’s sweetheart and ex-judge, Cheryl Cole? 







A number of viewers would only tune into X Factor to see Cheryl Cole‘s highly anticipated outfits and hairstyles, which now feature on several fashion websites. Cheryl not only made the fishtail plait famous this year but inspired Tulisa to copy the hairstyle on this years X Factor.

Having said this, Tulisa is gradually becoming a fashion icon in her own right, promoting high street fashion and featuring on numerous fashion blogs.






As a member of award winning girlband Girls Aloud, Cheryl has had a  successful pop career with 4 number one singles. As a solo artist, Cheryl has achieved 2 number one singles. Tulisa‘s success with N-Dubz has been suitably successful with eight top 40 hits and a platinum album.




Cheryl Cole‘s exit from the UK X Factor caused much controversy with several critics claiming that her absence would change the show completely. However, after her sudden dismassal on the US version of the show, and Tulisa‘s newly found success as a UK X Factor judge, we question who is the better judge.

Tulisa has already shown us both her emotional and fiesty side, and has proven that she is willing to do everything in her power to crown one of her groups as winners this year.






 Cheryl Cole‘s romance, marriage, divorce and further rumours regarding Ashley Cole are far from unknown. After an attempt to rekindle their relationship this year, Cheryl has finally let go of her footballer husband after discovering his unfaithful behaviour on more than one occasion. Cheryl has had the same bad luck with singer Lily Allen after insulting her, and let’s not forget her assault charge in 2003.

Tulisa has recently announced her relationship with fellow band member Fazer. Whilst we cannot deny that Tulisa has a good heart (she has been praised on several occasions for her role as a carer for her mother) she isn’t afraid to voice her opinion, albeit with bad language. Tulisa has reportedly verbally attacked a flight member in September after Fazer was told to stop using his mobile phone.