Cheryl’s back on the X Factor- and she means business!

Posted by: on Mar 16, 2014 | No Comments

If you haven’t heard about Ms Cole’s imminent return to the X Factor then where have you been?! Yes, the ‘Call my name’ singer is set to grace our screens once again alongside everyone’s favourite Mr Nasty, Simon Cowell. And after ceremoniously dumping Chezza from the X Factor USA way back in 2011, Simon’s had some grovelling to do- how about a £1.5 million apology?!

Yes it seems that Cheryl is quids in as she’s accepted a hefty pay packet in return for her judging and mentoring services, but that’s not enough for Cheryl. Apparently in order to keep Cheryl on side, Simon has allowed her to have more of an input into the show; and as well as allegedly allowing her to have a say on their new fellow judges, Cheryl’s also had some ideas about the new format of the show.

It seems that Cheryl had put forward the idea that each judge should not just mentor one category, but they should mentor one person from each category (one boy, one girl, one group and one over 25) for the live shows- sounds like a good idea to us!

And with these fresh new ideas to revamp the show, and the Geordie sweetheart eyeing up the head judge position, it looks like this new series of the X Factor is set to be explosive- we can hardly wait!