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The Mirror has reported that X Factor bootcamp finalist Frankie Cocozza has landed himself in big trouble with show bosses after an apparent friend sold a letter to the media in which he supposedly admits to taking drugs on holiday. In the letter he brags about the ‘high grade (he is) gonna be toking on’ in Malia. Whilst Cocozza fans fear about his future in the competition and cry into their pillows, we explain why we think Cocozza, quite frankly (excuse the pun), has brought such negative exposure upon himself, and doesn’t deserve our sympathy.

  •  What exactly do X Factor judges expect from a boy who greeted them by dropping his trousers and bragging about the amount of girls he has slept with, tattooed on his bum?
  • Are the judges deluded? Whilst they believe Frankie to have ‘charisma’, we believe him to be an attention seeking, jacuzzi jumping idiot who we have to put up with at every teenage party. He is hardly ‘unique’.
  • Frankie is undoubtedly going to have a young female audience. Why do the judges think the promotion of drugs, casual sex and tattoos are a positive attribute?
  • We dread to think how big Frankie‘s already huge ego will become if he goes far in the competition. A future Amy Winehouse in the making, Frankie‘s bragging of ‘high grade’ is bound to reach its heights with regards to a potential celebrity lifestyle and huge disposable income.
  • We question how genuine Frankie actually is for his supposed ‘friend’ to sell such a letter to the media.  Whilst it could simply be jealously, it could also be solely due to the fact that Frankie is an immature and unresponsable young adult who has become too big for his boots, even before X Factor.
For the sake of the younger X Factor audience, please do not let Frankie Cocozza rise to fame.