Posted by: on Oct 5, 2011 | One Comment

Last year sportswear label Nike collaborated with six of the best emerging fashion designers to re-design and customise Nike’s N98 track jacket. Each fashion designer took a British athelete as their model to revamp one of Nike’s iconic pieces. 

Hannah Marshall designed a deconstructed dress for 20-year-old distance runner Charlotte Purdue, who competes in events ranging from 800 metres to 10,000 metres. “The dress that I made for Charlotte,” says Marshall, “uses the same kind of concept as the autumn/winter 2010 collection, which is based on body modification with lots of slashes and cut-outs. I used six Nike N98 jackets and reconstructed them so the zip leads down the back, instead of the front like the original jacket. I played around with remoulding it into a really body-con style that retains a sports fabric, but is more movement-restrictive in its design – introducing a direct juxtaposition to Charlotte’s discipline.” Purdue admits, “I don’t usually wear stuff like this. I train hard, so I’m not given the opportunity to wear dresses that much. I only usually feel comfortable in sportswear and technical fabrics, but I really like how this transforms a jacket into a dress.”

Who said sweat and tears wasn’t fashionable?