Directioners Strike Out: Louis Tomlinson Defends New Girlfriend

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After splitting up with his childhood sweetheart Hannah Walker, and finding love with new model girlfriend, One Direction fans have striked an unusual twitter trend to get Louis Tomlinson back with his old flame, forcing him to speak out.

The 20-year-old singer has ended up on the receiving end of a bizarre online campaign, with fans telling him he should break up with girlfriend Eleanor Calder, 19.

Fans created a ‘top trend’ on Twitter by using  the word ‘Louannah’ – an amalgamation of their names which ended up going viral.  As well at this, fans sent pictures of the ex-couple to his new love Eleanor.

Despite the singer being private about his personal life, after seeing the campaign Louis stood up to defend his girlfriend.

“Truth of the matter is it’s actually not funny in the slightest. I’m reading through some horrible tweets  very ****ed off!”

Since being away on his successful tour of America with the band he has also sent a set of reassuring tweets to fans and Eleanor pleading his happiness and love for her, to discontinue the malicious tweets.

One Direction’s ‘Up All Night’ Live tour is currently available to pre-order on DVD now.