Edward and Bella Reunited: R-Patz Wraps Up Filming

Posted by: on Mar 21, 2013 | No Comments

The couple with perhaps the most talked about (and tumultuous) relationship in Hollywood appeared on Tuesday as if things are still going strong after sixty-four days, in total, apart.

Last seeing each other two months ago, Robert Pattinson has been filming his latest project The Rover down under. Kristen Stewart did not jet out to visit him whilst he was shooting leading to speculation that Pattinson had in fact banned her, citing a need for space. Since Stewart’s indiscretions with director Rupert Sanders last year, the pair split but then reunited. It seems the ground has been rocky ever since as they’ve tried to patch up their relationship. However, Stewart seems unfazed by Rob’s absence and has been spending time with their mutual friend, Taylor Lautner, and some of Rob’s besties.

Rob has since wrapped filming and the two were spotted out and about this week at a karaoke bar in Los Angeles. One eagle-eyed fan spotted the pair and snapped a picture with them which she posted to Twitter and Instagram. Likely to keep most Twihards happy, the picture seems to prove that Edward and Bella, at least for now, are very much on.