First glimpse of Celebrity Big Brother

Posted by: on Jan 3, 2013 | No Comments

Channel 5 have released the first images of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother house. The new house, complete with squalor style basement, certainly won’t be what the celebrities are used to and it would seem they’ll be in for a shock if they were expecting an easy ride for the next few weeks.

Squalor: Six of the twelve housemates entering will be forced to live in this basement

Six of the twelve celebrities entering the house this evening will be sent to the dingy, and never before seen, basement of the Big Brother house where they will have to live for several days. Just to tease and torment the unlucky few even further, a large television screen will show footage of their fellow housemates in the main house enjoying many of the luxuries that they will be denied. To add to this their food will be rationed and they will have to sleep on dirty mattresses, something they probably didn’t bargain for upon signing up for the reality show.

In addition, this years main house has been transformed into a Swedish Ice Hotel with icicles hanging from the building and the obligatory hot tub in the garden along with a swimming pool and a mural of the Northern Lights. Images of the infamous diary room have also been released, showing an icy looking room complete with what looks like a chair sculpted from ice surrounded by illuminating lights to add to the chilly atmosphere.

Will you be tuning in to Celebrity Big Brother?