Five minutes with an AVON millionaire: Gail Reynolds

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Working for Avon has enabled Gail to meet celebs such as Will Young

Gail Reynolds, 40, is one of the top earners in the country and travels around the UK recruiting women to her Avon team. She  now has over 2,500 representatives below her, and is on track to achieve a turnover of £6 million this year.

Gail originally gave up her part-time job as an accountant after realising that for the one day a week she sold Avon, she earned the same as the other four days number crunching in an office.

Gail has won holidays to Barcelona, Prague, Mallorca and Monte Carlo as a result of all of her hard work. Her work with Avon has also enabled her to meet celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Will Young.

As well as a self-made millionaire and celebrity pal, Gail is also an award-winning author and motivational speaker.

We catch up with Gail to gain an insight in to her work and for some much needed advice on how to succeed!

What made you decide to leave your part time accounting job? 

I didn’t originally begin Avon to quit my job. I started Avon to meet new people.  Once I saw how easy that was, I then began to plan to earn enough money so I could quit my job and be at home more for my kids.  Avon offered a flexible earnings opportunity and the fact that I could be my own boss, and choose when and where to work suited me as a mum.

How did you come up with concept behind Avon?

The beauty of starting an Avon business is that the product is already developed and the support in place. However, I have worked to make my Avon business stand out, so I began with a small but very professional approach on my customer order forms.  I simply wrote a message saying, ‘If you have any queries regarding this Avon brochure please contact “GailsAvon” and we will be glad to help.’  I wanted to sound and look as professional as possible.

Were you not afraid of failing? How did you overcome your fear? 

No, I never had fear of failing because I had never ran a business of my own- so I never knew the pitfalls.  I just set a small target – to earn £100 a week so that I could quit my job. That is all I focused on until I achieved it.

How does Avon differ to other beauty brands? 

Avon is innovative, exciting, modern and world known.  I don’t have to “sell Avon”; the company does that for me.

Have you embraced digital as part of Avon’s expansion? 

Totally.  I was the 1st UK Avon lady on YouTube and Facebook.  I love the fact Avon have now offered all Avon Representatives the Personal Online Brochure to enhance our business, sales and more importantly, the customer service we can now provide.

What’s next for Avon? 

Anything they set their mind too.  Avon is ever evolving and that is why after 11 years with the company I am still excited for the changes that are ahead of us.

How hard is it to set up a business as a woman?

It isn’t hard.  I tend to coach and develop women into using their personal skills rather than academic skills.  Avon is a Direct Selling Company, so it is all about our interpersonal skills and how we can adapt them into running a successful business.

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs? 

Know and always remember why you decided to become an entrepreneur. Your why has to be something tangible and believable to you.  Write down targets and goals and always plan to achieve them in a timely manner.  Never listen to negative people that say you can’t do that, and surround yourself with like minded people.  Focus and momentum are a must as an entrepreneur.  You have to remain focused on your end goal and keep a steady momentum of effort and pour as much time into your business as it is feasibly possible.

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