5 Minutes With: London Beauty Queen blog author Hayley Carr

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Hayley Carr first started blogging about beauty products to give an insider’s honest perspective. A few short years later and Hayley’s blog London Beauty Queen is one of the UK’s most read beauty blogs. Her blog has won her several awards and she has now written for an array of publications including Company. She has since set up her own company, LBQ Consultancy Services, which offers social media and strategy advice. We speak to Hayley about the success of her London Beauty Queen blog and working in social media.

When you began blogging, did you expect your blog, London Beauty Queen, to  become one of the biggest beauty blogs in Britain? What do you think  made it so successful?

No, not at all. Not for a second. I started it because I was a bit bored and unsatisfied creatively, so it came as somewhat of a shock. I think at the time I was doing something a little different, focusing on more budget buys and ignoring all the marketing talk, as well as having a colloquial ‘no BS’ style of writing. I guess my readers could really connect with what I was saying.

What is the thing you enjoy most about writing your blog?

I enjoy the creative experience and the fact that there’s an ‘end result’ – unlike a lot of the work I was doing in my day job, which was primarily strategic planning and advice. I like writing and explaining things in layman’s terms, so everyone can understand what the product does and why.

Hayley winning one of several awards

What made you decide to set up your own social media consultancy?

It was a combination of feeling dissatisfied in the daily grind, as well as the need to get back to working with brands I love. I was in a place in my life where I needed a bit more freedom to find out who I was and what I wanted to do – I had kind of a ‘lightbulb’ moment and the consultancy was set up in about 3 hours one evening!

Social media is an emerging industry which many young people have an interest  in but are unsure how to break into it – what tips would you give to  anyone looking to work in and be successful in social media?

Make sure you’re active on all social media channels yourself, so you fully understand how they’re used. Keep an eye on brands and what they’re doing socially, so you can understand success stories as well as the reasons behind failure. Internships with agencies and brands are priceless too as you can really learn a lot ‘on the job’. Don’t think just because you use Facebook and have a blog that you understand social media though!

You now run one of the UK’s most popular beauty blogs and have your own social media consultancy – what’s next?!

I’ve just launched my e-book ‘The Science Bit’onto the Amazon store, plus I have loads of exciting consultancy projects coming up over the next few months to keep me busy. I’m soon to launch my own YouTube channel which I’m making myself stick to, as well as lots of cool things and partnerships with the blog. After that, who knows!

It seems there’s just no stopping Hayley!