Frankie: The pressures of being a NHS nurse and a full time woman

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BBC1’s new comedy drama Frankie is a blend of No Angels (Channel 4) and Cold Feet (ITV). Viewers watch the bubbly, enthusiastic and caring nurse, Frankie (Eve Myles) balance the demands of her job with her love life. This balance is short lived due to Ian’s (Dean Lennox Kelly) one night stand, which then turns into a few night stands, with a 22 year old trainee nurse. But don’t worry viewers, here at Gossipdrip we have a slight inkling that flames are going to spark between co-workers Frankie and  the dashing Andy (Derek Riddell).

The programme covers medical topics such as dementia, down syndrome, women undergoing IVF treatment and the demands illness have on family and friends.

The female lead, Eve Myles, is refreshingly normal, a good size 12, has gap between her two front teeth and is 30 years plus, with a fresh, funny and down to earth character. If you are looking for some easy watching with a dramatic yet funny edge, this is the programme for you!

Frankie: Eve Myles stars as district nurse Frankie Maddox in the new BBC drama.