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Graduate Fashion Week is in full swing and Gossipdrip are loving every minute of it!

The talent is high again this year and there is a fantastic range of institutions, courses and graduates on show.

So to give you all a bit of an insight we chatted to some of graduates to find out their aims, advice and thoughts on their courses.


Hannah Bourne

Fashion Marketing

Northumbria University


Reshma Begum Ali

Fashion Design

Northbrook College Sussex


What was it that stood out for you when choosing this particular course and place to study?

H – This was the one I wanted. I went to an open day at Northumbria with my school and realised it was the one; the place, the course. I received offers from elsewhere but I was determined to go to Northumbria. For my A levels I did Art, Photography and Textiles so it seemed a right fit.

R – Initially I was interested in textiles and I found that many of the courses were either textiles or fashion design. This course had a combination of both.

I chose Northbrook College as it was local, near Brighton.


Give us two words to describe your collection?

R – Tailored and electric colours.


Where did you find your inspiration for the collection?

H – I really wanted it to be bright, fun and high quality; I also used children’s toys as part of my inspiration.


Having completed the course yourself, what is your advice to those starting out on their fashion courses now?

H – Do what you want to do. You can get a lot of advice from everywhere else but make sure you do what you want to do.

R – Be open minded about what you want; try everything and anything. Also get some work experience!


Have you thought about your future plans so far?

H – My aim is to work in childrenswear but move into more of a design role.

R – Ideally I would like to work in pattern cutting for a designer such as Burberry.


GFW 2013 – what have you gained from the experience?

H – Our potential. Getting here was hard work but looking at our display and space, I am very proud to be from Northumbria University.

R – Seeing what everyone else is doing and the competition is great. This year we presented on the catwalk which was an emotional and proud moment.


So there you have it, a sneak peek into the thoughts and advice of the fabulous graduates at this year’s GFW 2013.


Ruth Emmerson