GFW – Interview with Rebecca Howarth and Naomi Nwabueze

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Day Three of Graduate Fashion Week  saw students from the Manchester School of Art showcase their designs.

Gossipdrip was lucky enough to catch up with two of the students before the show.

Rebecca Howarth and Naomi Nwabueze both study BA (Hons) Fashion.


What made you want to study fashion?

R – It is something I have always done. I have always loved drawing and it naturally progressed in to clothes.

N – I was always interested in art and design. I went to art school and decided to take the fashion part further as I mostly enjoyed the textiles side.


Who in the fashion world do you admire?

R – I am in to Menswear and have a mentor designship with Topman soon. I admire designers such as Aggie and Sam. I also really enjoy Chloe and Max Mara.

N – I am quite minimal. I love designers such as Acne, Celine. I also love French luxury brands. Sleek contrasting materials are also something I enjoy.


What was the inspiration behind your collection?

R – My Inspiration came from the film Grey Gardens. It is based on quilted bedsheets, layering and mixed prints.

N – My inspiration came from modern architecture. I’m also inspired by the pretty churches I saw when I was on a internship with Oswald Botang, there are a lot of net shapes.


Describe your collection in three words?

R – Over-sized, Quilted and Nostalgic

N – Minimal, Luxury and Contrasting textures


Where do you see yourselves in two years time?

R – I will have finished my mentorship with Topman. Hopefully, I will either do masters in menswear or work for the outerwear department for a higher end company.

N – In two years time I would love to be working for either a high end or French brand.


Is there any advice you could offer people wanting a career in fashion?

R – Be prepared to work long hours. It is hard but worth it. Keep drawing.

N – You need to be dedicated. You have to want it to go far. The ability to take criticism well is also something you need. When you get knocked down, you need to get right back up.


What do you hope will happen from this show?

R – It would be lovely to be part of the Gala show at the end of the week. I am hoping for more recognition and press.

N – From the show it would be great to be in the best of graduate week. I am hoping for more recognition in my collection. A job would also be a goal along with people liking my collection.


Thanks for talking to Gossipdrip, Rebecca and Naomi.

If you want to see some of their collection, stay tuned for Gossipdrip’s up-and-coming posts on Graduate Fashion Week.